Aluminium Residential Doors

At MB Frames, our aluminium residential doors are made to suit a wide range of properties throughout the South West. With plenty of styles and configurations to choose from and a catalogue of hardware, you can find just what you need to suit all sorts of home improvement projects.

We understand that the first thing that a homeowner cares about when it comes to residential entrance doors is security, safety, and style, which is why our aluminium residential doors are designed to incorporate the three big S’s without compromise.

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Customisable Style

The aluminium residential doors we supply can come in a range of vibrant RAL colours and are even available with dual colourways for a different internal and external look. There are a variety of sizes available to best suit large or small properties or extensions. 

The colours we use are robust and capable of maintaining that good as new look for years without anything more than an occasional wipe-down to remove dirt that may build up over time. However, aluminium will never need to be repainted, sanded, or varnished, leading to gorgeous doors without much effort. We also can supply aluminium residential doors with a low threshold for homeowners who have wheelchairs and pushchairs or are just in need of a reduced tripping hazard for a seamless entrance.

Energy Efficient Materials

Our aluminium residential doors come with bespoke double glazing as standard but can also be upgraded to a triple glazing variant for maximised thermal efficiency at the cost of a small increase in weight. Additionally, the aluminium has hidden polyamide thermal breaks to improve its heat retention while also offering impressive security and stability. 

Highly efficient doors and windows can help to reduce a homeowner’s energy consumption, leading to potentially lower energy bills and a better carbon footprint. Additionally, thick double or triple glazed residential doors can provide excellent soundproofing for improved privacy.  

Aluminium Residential Doors

Safe & Secure

Aluminium is an inherently strong and resilient material, capable of standing up to harsh weather conditions and sudden blows without warping, bending, or cracking. Our aluminium residential doors also incorporate multi-point locking mechanisms for further security. The glazing is always internally beaded to prevent external removal and the metal hardware and steel liners 

Additionally, all our aluminium residential doors are Secure by Design and have passed rigorous testing to meet PAS24 requirements. Homeowners can have peace of mind when you choose our supply of durable, long lasting aluminium products.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Unlike timber, which can bend, warp, and splinter over time from exposure to the elements, aluminium residential doors can easily withstand British weather for years without losing their shape. Even after years of exposure to rain, wind, and heat, the RAL colours can remain just as vibrant as they were on the day of installation. Plus, aluminium doesn’t absorb moisture, letting the doors remain smooth in their operation without any swelling.

Because aluminium residential doors can be made with slimmer sightlines without losing any structural integrity, they can be even easier to clean as most of the space is taken up by clear double glazed panes. Water, soap, and a sponge is all it takes to keep them in pristine condition.

Aluminium Residential Door Prices

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