black aluminium tilt and turn windows open on a bay

Aluminium Tilt and Turn Windows

Built to the highest UK standards, this effective, high-performance solution offers clean lines and advanced functionality. Available in a 70mm frame depth, tilt-and-turn windows are the perfect choice for both residential and light commercial projects, whether new builds or renovations. Windows can also be made to project in or out.

Custom Window Designs

Prized for their varied aesthetics and high-grade security, we can provide our aluminium tilt and turn windows in a variety of configurations to suit almost any project. They come side-hung, fixed light, multi-light, and tilt before turn. Beyond just configuration, the colour, size, and hardware can also be customised in a number of ways to best blend with your client’s home or commercial building. Single and dual-colour anodized finishes can match beautifully with our aluminium doors. 

These windows are also available in bay, contemporary, or square aesthetics for the final finishing touch of customisation. The open-in design increases safety, while the broad size ranges and high maximum weight allow these windows to provide homes with a gorgeous, long-lasting style.

Incredible Sightlines

Thanks to their robust materials, our aluminium tilt by turn windows offer incredible sightlines. As a lightweight yet easy-to-manufacture metal, aluminium can be made much thinner than uPVC or timber without sacrificing structural integrity or security. A thinner frame and sashes mean more free space for our powerful double or triple glazing options. 

Better sightlines can not only flood properties with more natural light and reduce reliance on electric lighting but also offer beautiful views of a garden, patio, or anything else worth viewing.

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High-Grade Security

Aluminium can provide much more than just visual aesthetics. We have all of our tilt and turn windows tested rigorously to pass PAS24 security standards to offer total peace of mind. They also have a 3rd party certification to Q-mark and powerful modern multi-point locking mechanisms. Beyond the intelligent, leading security features and resilient hardware, aluminium itself is a strong metal that easily resists rust and attempted tampering. It’s also much lighter than steel, making the windows safer to operate for younger or older individuals. 

The slim profile and sash also leave less room for dirt or grime to build up and hide, making maintenance for these windows incredibly simple. Unlike timber, which can rot, warp, or chip over time, the aluminium sashes will continue to look their best after a fast wipe-down with a cloth or wet sponge. 

Thermally Efficient Windows

Our aluminium tilt and turn windows are fully Part L compliant and available with double or triple glazing, providing excellent energy efficiency. Their unique polyamide thermal break designs help to enhance thermal performance further while maintaining the robust strength of aluminium as a metal. 

Compared to older aluminium designs or timber windows, aluminium tilt and turn windows can help reduce homeowners’ energy consumption and bills. As energy costs rise, more homeowners are in need of windows and doors that can be a long-term investment for their property. Aluminium windows can last for decades with only minimal maintenance, leading to a powerful energy saving investment.

Aluminium Tilt and Turn Window Prices

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