Aluminium French Doors

At MB Frames, we manufacture and supply high quality aluminium French doors in Bristol and the surrounding areas of the South West. French doors are a timeless classic that can suit a whole range of home and property styles, from contemporary to traditional. With a choice of uPVC or aluminium French doors, you won’t need to go anywhere else for a reliable supply of this classic door system. 

Our aluminium French doors are designed with security and longevity in mind. You can get a free online quote for any of our windows and doors via our quoting engine. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of staff via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Energy Efficient Glazing

As standard, all of our French doors, both our uPVC and aluminium ranges, come with highly energy efficient double glazing. Modern double glazing can retain heat much better than older single glazed windows and doors as it traps heat between its panes by using air or argon gas as an insulator. 

We also have triple glazed French doors available for those in need of the best heat retention possible. While both our double glazed and triple glazed variants can keep homes warm and cosy, triple glazing has a slight edge due to its additional third pane at the cost of a heavier door and more expensive materials. 

As energy costs continue to rise, providing homes with high powered, thermally efficient glazing will help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and bills in the long term. 

Find out more about the power of double glazing by using our energy savings calculator. 

Secure By Design

Our aluminium French doors are made with security at the forefront of their design. They come with multi-point locking mechanisms, durable hardware, and thick glazing to resist unwanted intrusions and intense weather effects. Additionally, all our glazing is internally beaded to prevent prying or external removal leading to an overall safer system. 

Not to mention, as aluminium is a form of metal, it can shrug off impacts that other materials could not. High-grade aluminium is lightweight, doesn’t rot or splinter, and won’t bend or absorb moisture, meaning it can perform at its best without risk of hitching or catching.


Low Maintenance

The aluminium French doors we supply are incredibly low maintenance, only needing the occasional cleaning with a wet cloth or sponge. Aluminium can easily resist rust, especially with an anodised finish, and the tight weather seals and steel liners can ensure that the doors don’t warp or bend from exposure to sudden blows or extensive wet and windy weather conditions. 

These modern marvels can provide long lasting performance for decades without wear and tear. Unlike timber doors, these doors won’t lose their lustre over time or need to be repainted. Plus, these French doors can be much lighter than their timber counterparts due to how much slimmer the frames can be without losing any structural integrity. A slimmer frame means less space for grime or dirt to build up and more space for highly efficient panes of double glazing.

Flexible Customisation

We can supply our French doors in single or double configurations and a range of sizes to fit any type of property. There is also a range of RAL colours to choose from that can make our French doors blend in seamlessly with a home’s existing windows and doors or help to design an entirely new aesthetic. 

The selection of hardware and glazing options can help ensure that you can get your customers just what they’re looking for. View more of the detailed specifications for our French doors with our brochures below, or book a visit to our showroom. 

Aluminium French Door Prices

Start your quote for our aluminium French doors today, and start modernising your customer’s homes with incredible energy efficiency. Call our team on 0117 965 1062 or use our contact form for further information. See our French doors in action at our showroom by booking a visit now.