grey aluminium flush windows on a white wall next to a plant

Flawless Flush Finish

Aluminium flush windows can add a simplified, traditional twist to a modern look, making them ideal for all property types. The thin yet highly durable frames can withstand years of use without the need for constant maintenance. Our versatile colour range is also designed to remain vibrant and consistent even after years of exposure to the harsh UK elements. 

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Slim Sightlines

One of the main features of our aluminium flush windows is their slim frames and profiles, which means that they can have larger panes of double or triple glazing. Not only can these increased glazing units provide better viewing angles for homeowners, but they also help to increase the amount of natural light flooding into the home.

The flush frames sit flat and in line with the rest of the window profile, a staple typically seen in timber windows. The lack of nooks and crannies, as well as the robustness and rust resistance of aluminium, create a window system that is low maintenance. They can make a wise investment for those looking for an installation that is built to last, as all that is needed to keep our aluminium flush windows clean and functioning at their best is the occasional cleaning with simple solutions. 

Enhanced Security

Despite its incredible sleek design, the aluminium frames and profiles are inherently strong and lightweight. As a naturally rust-resistant metal, aluminium can withstand everything from unwanted prying and intrusion to harsh weather conditions without buckling or warping. Additionally, these windows have been fully tested and accredited to PAS24 standards, letting your customers have total peace of mind when you choose MB Frames as your main aluminium window supplier. 

The modern weather seals and multi-lock mechanisms ensure that no leaks or cold draughts can creep in, helping your homeowner customers remain safe and secure come rain, sleet, snow, or shine.

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black large aluminium flush window on a red brick wall

Highly Efficient

Aluminium windows have evolved over the years to become much more energy efficient. The aluminium flush windows that we provide can reach U-values as low as 1.4 W/m²K with double glazing, and 1.2 with triple-glazed panes. The hidden polyamide thermal breaks within the aluminium profile help to prevent heat transfer, combining with modern glazing to provide powerful thermal performance. 

As energy bills rise, energy efficiency continues to become a forefront factor in the fenestration industry. Every one of our flush aluminium windows comes with double or triple glazing, which can retain more heat and regulate temperatures better than single or old double glazing all year round. As fully Part L compliant windows, they can help reduce a home’s carbon footprint, and energy costs, and at the end of their decades-long lifespan, the aluminium can be fully recycled.

Matching Style

Our aluminium flush windows are available in various configurations, such as top and side hung, fixed light, dummy sash, multi-light, and even French casement. With a choice of flat or chamfered sash styles available, these aluminium windows can be made to suit almost any type of UK property. 

We can even offer these aluminium flush windows with customisable glazing bars for a touch of heritage charm. As manufacturers of a range of windows and aluminium doors, we can be a one-stop shop for all your aluminium needs. Our aluminium flush windows can help create a totally seamless aesthetic when combined with our patio, bifold, or French doors. 

Aluminium Flush Window Prices

Choose our high-end aluminium flush windows for your customers and provide homeowners with a minimalist, highly efficient installation. Contact us now for a free quote, or call us directly at 0117 965 1062 for advice and more information.