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The Royale Inline Patio door offers a modern, elegant and slim sightline to maximise light allowing for unobstructed views. Our easy to use Patio sliding door, runs very smoothly, and is so simple to operate.

The tracks are made from the highest quality stainless steel, giving you an exceptionally effortless system, that glides with the lightest touch. The patio door is available in a 2,3 or a 4-pane slider, so you can really maximise your space, and make the most of the beautiful outdoor views.

A great outlook made to measure.

Sliding doors add a bold style statement to both houses and apartments and PremiLine is uniquely striking. Slim frames and chamfered edges give them a distinct, sleek appearance.

Steel reinforcements provide a solid stability that allows even the largest sliding doors to run with real smoothness.

A variety of configurations – 2, 3 or 4 pane options – are also available. These are vital in helping you to make the most of the natural beauty and window space your home offers, both in terms of height and width.

upvc patio sliding doors