Unrivalled Sculptured Window Design

At MB Frames, we believe our Premium Encore window is the most attractive fully sculptured suite available on the market today. With its unique, unrivalled aesthetic appeal, the Encore window combines a stunning uPVC design with the features of a timber looking window. The Colour Express range boasts nine grained colours from stock, complimented by the new Heritage dual colours. With plenty of colour options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect look for your home.

Timeless Aesthetics

The Encore 2800 windows we manufacture have smooth sculptured profiles, offering a subtle yet noticeable flair to any property. The unique double sculptured suite and optional astragal crucifix bars can add a touch of heritage to any modern property or help maintain a traditional look. With MB Frames, you won’t need to choose between performance and classic style. 

The Encore 2800 series windows are capable of coming in a range of different sizes and colours to suit any aesthetic easily. We have a vast collection of colours and woodgrain foils available, which allows our uPVC windows to resemble real timber windows closely. From stock, we have 26 colourways available for the Encore 2800 window series, which includes matching trims, cills, and ancillaries for a totally seamless appearance. 

Modern Security Features

Your customers won’t have to worry about security or safety as the Encore 2800 series windows have bi-directional centre claw locking as well as shoot bolt locking. The multi-point locking design combines with the internal beading and security hinge protectors to create a durable window that can easily resist unwanted intrusions.

The 2800 and 2500 series windows we provide are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet PAS24 regulations and requirements, giving you peace of mind when you choose this system.

black uPVC sculptured 2800 windows corner close up
Astragal bars of 2800 sculptured upvc windows

Low Maintenance Design

Compared to other window materials, uPVC is capable of lasting for many years with only minimal maintenance requirements. While timber windows have a unique and traditional look to them, they can be difficult to keep fresh as the natural material is warped or waterlogged from harsh weather conditions. Our uPVC windows, from the 2500 series to the Encore 2800 and flush windows, can all easily resist intense sunlight or heavy rainfall without bending, warping, scratching, or fading. All it takes to keep the uPVC 2800 Encore windows clean is an occasional cleaning with a cloth or sponge and some soapy water. 

Our uPVC Encore 2800 Windows come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, as we’re confident that the windows we supply can maintain their gorgeous appearance for years to come without leaking, scratching, or fading.  

Thermal Performance

All of our uPVC windows, including the Encore 2800, come with energy-efficient double glazing as standard. Their outstanding performance allows them to reach U-values as low as 0.9W/m2K as well as an incredible ‘A+’ energy rating. 

To see the power of modern double glazing in action, try our free-to-use energy savings calculator. It can showcase the amount of energy saved by switching from old single glazing to one of our new contemporary systems. By providing homeowners with our energy-efficient windows, you could help them save on their energy bills while also helping them stay warm and cosy all year round. 


uPVC Encore 2800 Window Prices

Choose MB Frames as your number one choice for high-quality uPVC products. Provide your customers with our gorgeous Encore 2800 windows by getting a quote today. Get in touch with our team via our contact form, or call us directly on 0117 965 1062.