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Choose the Largest Manufacturer of Deceuninck uPVC in the West Country

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MB Frames is proud to provide high quality double glazed uPVC products to installers throughout the West Country. As the largest manufacturer of Deceuninck uPVC windows and doors, you can rely on us to provide you with fast lead times and a high quality product every time. 

Become an MB Frames installer and contact us on our website today, or find out more about our Royale Collection and product options below. 

Benefits of Choosing MB Frames

Fast & Reliable

Our massive manufacturing facility stands at 32,000 square feet, and our fleet of vehicles and professional team members have been in the industry for over thirty years. Thanks to our large-scale manufacturing team and facilities, we’re capable of outputting up to 1,000 products per week!

Attention to Detail

With the Royale Collection, you can expect incredible levels of quality. Our dedicated software and cutting-edge machinery allow us to manufacture windows and doors that are not only delivered quickly but made to measure every time. 

Product Variety

We’re capable of manufacturing and supplying a range of uPVCaluminium windows and doors to the trade throughout the West Country. From classic style flush sash windows to modern sleek aluminium bifolds, you can have MB Frames as your main supplier for a whole collection of different home improvement products and get the same great quality every time.

Across our website, we also offer a range of free brochures filled with technical information and gorgeous visuals to help you learn more about our products’ capabilities and market them to your customers. 

Benefits of the Royale Collection

The Royale Collection encompasses some of the very best of MB Frames double glazed home improvements. Made using the highest quality materials, and manufactured by experts using brand new machinery, the Royale Collection can provide some of the very best in security, energy efficiency, and style to homeowners anywhere in the UK.

Energy Efficiency

Each of the windows in the Royale Collection comes with powerful double glazing as standard and is also available in thick triple glazing. They can each reach an incredible A+ energy rating, meaning they can keep homeowners warm and comfortable all year round. By reducing energy consumption and waste, homeowners can even start saving on their energy bills, which can be seen for yourself via our energy savings calculator

Noise Reduction 

Our double glazed windows are also effective at reducing external noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment. The two layers of glass, separated by an insulating gap, act as a sound barrier, blocking out unwanted noise from traffic, neighbours, and other sources. This can be particularly beneficial for homeowners who live in busy urban areas or near a noisy road.

Enhanced Security

The Royale Collection can give your customers total peace of mind. Not only is the uPVC profile durable, warp-resistant, and low maintenance, but they are also rigorously tested to PAS 24 certification standards. The multi-point locking mechanisms and thick glazing can prevent unwanted tampering, and the tight weather seals keep out cold draughts and leaks. 

Condensation Prevention

Another advantage of the Royale Collection windows is their ability to reduce condensation build-up. The insulating gap between the glass panes helps keep the inner pane closer to room temperature, minimising the formation of condensation. This can help prevent issues such as mould growth, damp, and damage to window frames and sills. Additionally, they come with well-made trickle vents to increase air ventilation and circulation, even when the windows are tightly shut.

Contact MB Frames

Get in touch with our expert team today to start your enquiry for any of our highly efficient products. Call us directly on 0117 965 1062, and we’ll be able to help answer any questions or queries you may have about our products and services. 

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Energy Efficient Windows at MB Frames

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MB Frames Royale collection of uPVC windows are all capable of reaching an incredible A+ energy efficiency rating. With the consistent rise in energy bills over the last few years, thermal efficiency is at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. By choosing MB Frames as your number one supplier of Deceuninck uPVC windows, you can provide them with gorgeous looking windows that also deliver some of the best performance on the market. 

Discover how our energy efficient windows can improve a homeowner’s property below, and contact our expert team today to begin your free trade quote. 

The Power of Double Glazing

Our windows are capable of reaching such a high energy efficiency rating due to their modern double glazed panes. The secondary glazing design creates a thermal barrier that helps keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This can significantly reduce the reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. When installing MB Frames energy saving windows, homeowners can enjoy a long-term investment that also enhances the visual appearance of their home.

The Energy Efficient Royale Collection

The Royale Collection contains a range of double-glazed windows, each offering a unique yet subtle style to suit almost any type of property, modern or traditional.

Classic 2500 

The Classic 2500 window is recognisable by its chamfered profile, which provides an angular, timeless aesthetic to a home. Beyond just a massive range of colours and impressive energy efficiency, these windows are also PAS 24 certified. The Classic 2500 window from the Royale Collection can provide homeowners with the full package with zero compromises. 

Encore 2800

Like the 2500, the Encore 2800 window is PAS 24 certified and available in double-glazed and triple-glazed variations. The primary difference is the shape of the profile. The Encore 2800 has subtly contoured and sculptured profiles that offer a smooth and traditional look to a property. Both the Encore and Classic options are available in a variety of hardware and colour options, letting you grant homeowners the power of choice.

Flush Sash Windows

The perfect blend of modern efficiency and classic heritage, our flush sash windows feature sashes that sit totally flush within the frame. When combined with our range of vibrant and deep woodgrain foil finishes, these windows can mimic the appearance of traditional timber while being incredibly low maintenance and long-lasting. Deceuninck uPVC is crafted from easily recycled and sustainably sourced materials, making our uPVC flush windows an excellent modern solution for homeowners looking for more efficiency, while maintaining the classic appearance that flush provides. 

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

For truly authentic homes in need of a modern upgrade, our vertical sliding sash windows can be the perfect solution. Available in a variety of astragal bar configurations, these sliding sash windows can suit Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian properties. While old timber sash windows will typically come with single-glazed obscuring panes, these sash windows come with our powerful double glazing while having that centuries-old vertical slider opening style.

Energy Savings Calculator

Find out how much homeowners could save with our free-to-use energy savings calculator below. It can work for a variety of devices and displays accurate readings for a range of home and property styles and sizes. It works for the Classic 2500, the Encore 2800, and our flush sash windows in double glazing or triple glazing variants. 

With MB Frames, we allow you to go beyond word of mouth and brochures. Show customers exactly what they could save instantly by installing our high quality energy efficient windows and doors.

Customisable Colour Schemes

MB Frames is proud to manufacture and supply windows that go beyond excellent performance. Gone are the days of white, grey, and black uPVC windows, as we have a wide range of colourways available from stock with fast lead times. From classical woodgrain foil finishes to more contemporary styles, there’s something to blend with any home’s existing aesthetic. 

Plus, unlike timber windows, which can need sanding, repainting, and varnishing to continue looking fresh, our uPVC profiles can maintain their colour vibrancy without scratching or fading for years. 

Double Glazed Window Quotes

Start a trade quote for our energy-efficient windows today by using our online contact form or by calling our expert team directly at 0117 965 1062. Book a visit to our showroom to see many of our double-glazed windows on display and experience their quality for yourself before you purchase.

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